Watch in "HD" setting and see how the light plays across the surface of the art. The colors change, dance and come to life.

 Wall Designs


Materials Used: High quality steel (approx. 1/8 inch in thickness) that has either been treated with heat or various oxidizing agents to bring out the natural colors inherent in the metal. Brass and copper plating may also be used for certain scenes... Grinding, polishing, and burnishing also create various highlights and tones.



Each of these sculptures is crafted by hand... Oxygen/Acetylene, thermal-arc cutting torches, welding processes and grinders are all part of creating the finished product.



Incandescent lighting brings out colors not seen with daylight or a fluorescent source. The wall should be light enough to contrast the colors in the sculpture. Displaying outside is not recommended unless a rust finish is desired.


Ken Scott's steel wall sculptures are the forefront in craftmanship, innovative design, and creative technique.