"Coastal Caves Large" ~ 66x24 inches


    "Coastal Caves Large" 

    66x24 inches

    Standard Shipping/Handling charges are $25.
    Due to size, there is an additional charge to ship this item, averaging 10% of the sales price. 



    Each wall sculpture is hand-crafted, so sizes may be slightly different from the dimensions listed. 



    High quality steel (approx. 1/8 inch in thickness) that has either been treated with heat or various oxidizing agents to bring out the natural colors inherent in the metal. Brass and copper plating may also be used for certain scenes. 



    A Care in Handling Information Sheet will arrive with your purchase... please read it carefully before unpacking. Handle carefully to avoid scratching pieces when unpacking or transporting... do not rub pieces together or lay them face down. A durable lacquer finish is applied to prevent tarnish. To clean, use a soft, damp cloth followed by a dry one. Dust with a feather duster.



    ​Incandescent lighting brings out colors not seen with daylight or a flourescent source. The wall should be light enough to contrast the colors in the sculpture. Displaying outside is not recommended unless a rust finish is desired.