Visit The Imagination Gallery in Sisters, Oregon and enjoy lyrical lighting options. 


Purchase information: Some of these items (and others not pictured) are on display and may be for sale at Ken Scott's Imagination Gallery. Custom projects are considered.

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Lighting projects are sculpted in Ken’s studios and occasionally include the use of some reconditioned, metal antique components. Lampshades are hand-hammered forms combined with other sculpted parts.


Light is dispersed through torch-cut filigree and a variety of translucent colored panels, which are either handmade papers laminated on mica, stretched silk fabrics, or kiln slumped stained glass. 


Colors and finishes on metals are acrylics, gold/copper leafing, foils, chemical patinas, metal oxides, polished surfaces and burnishing. Beadwork may be antique reproductions or fabricated in-house. A very wide range of colors on all surfaces are possible depending on décor requirements.

"Projects in sculptured lighting offer one dimension further into the world of metal design. When finished, the sculpture seems to have taken on a life of its own.


"The serendipitous bonus of patterns in light and shadow cast on the walls and ceilings, seem to declare an identity. When lit from within, areas of design are emphasized that would otherwise not be noticed.  “Lit from within” is a nice phrase whether applied to a person or a work of art.  “Let your light shine” says it all for me. This is an opportunity to underline and emphasize shapes that I create in metals… presenting them boldly to the world for their enjoyment and their utility.


"Light makes manifest what would normally be dark or obscure. When the light comes on, “shadows flee away…” or remain… but only where the creator of the light dictates.  The privilege of creativity in an area of personal expertise belongs to the artist who travels the path, or blazes the trail of his or her choosing (or calling).


*Staying on that path requires vision, dedication and endurance, and hopefully that path will become brighter and brighter. For me, it has, and no doubt it will continue ‘until the full day has come.’ I offer thanks to the God of all Light who consistently shines, with no variation whatsoever.”  

- Ken Scott