Garden Art

Ken Scott's Imagination includes garden features and architectural structures, accessorizing patio, water features, entries, fire pits, pergolas and gazebos designed to add function and/or whimsy to outdoor living and gardens.

"A beautiful garden is a reservoir of peace, and a place for restoration of the soul. Gardening is a luxury afforded everyone. A place to express their own tastes and abilities for others to come and be blessed.


“I love to sculpt the earth with dirt, rocks, plants and trees. I have enjoyed the gravel paths, the flagstone patios, and the winding trails. Creative environments inspire further creativity. I enjoy the quirky and whimsical spaces, love relaxing in rustic settings, and honoring the formal presentations of grand estates.


"I have a feeling for what is possible and I can help make it happen. I'm a designer looking for fun and opportunity to bless with my talents... and to be blessed by yours.”  


-  Ken Scott