Past Event

September 2018

Fourth Friday Artwalk

Hood Avenue Arts District

Friday, September 28th

Sisters, Oregon

4pm to 7pm

Stop by for wine & nibbles

and see what's new!


 About Elise Fog

~ Miss Bee Haven ~

Elise Fog invites you to look at bees—and the tiny world they inhabit—in a new light.


When you step inside our newest display room, a riot of color will greet you... deep purples, fiery oranges, sunny yellows, and virescent hues.


Printed on sheets of aluminum, details leap vibrantly to life. Some look bejeweled, such as Elise's ladybug and clover flower, both suffused with early morning dew.


8 years in the making, Elise captured the rare sight of a delicate green lacewing, radiating an ethereal glow:


By giving folks a window into a bee's world, Elise's work raises awareness for our vital pollinators, upon which all life as we know and love it depends. Bees are not some faraway creature that we can do little to help... they are all around us, and any action you take to help them, however small, adds up. Buzz by on Friday to meet her!