Bronze Casting

Ken Scott's bronze castings are recognized the world over.  Find the perfect work for your home in The Imagination Gallery.  LEARN ABOUT THE LOST-WAX CASTING PROCESS

Bronze Castings

In the true sense, casting bronze could not be called metal sculpting. The finished casting is actually a reproduction of an object that was first created in a different medium. Usually wax, clay, or plaster, whichever most accommodates the desired appearance of the resulting bronze casting. From original sculpture to final work of art is a long process.  Learn More Here


Sculpting in wax, though very forgiving, demands a high degree of proficiency in design, observation and proportion because so much more is at stake - sculpting time and initial casting costs in particular - but then finding a home for the finished work adds further stress and expense.


Regardless of the price, a successful sculpture in any three dimensional medium should yield to the following parameters. The finished work, should have pleasing lines three hundred and sixty degrees around in order to keep the viewers visually involved while retaining their overall appreciation for the design and the subject. The subject is always secondary to design. 


Additional bronzes are available -

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